Friday, August 30

 11:00 am -  5:00 pm   Registration - Location: Hotel Lobby

                                         All Friday Panel Sessions are located in the Riverview Room on the 16th Floor
    1:00 pm - 2:15pm   Panel One - New Orleans 101 with Heather Graham and Chat with Special Guest
                                                                James O. Born
                                         Heather breaks down the weekend events and interviews Special Guest James O. Born.

    2:20 pm - 3:30 pm    Panel Two -  Bright Spots Round Table                    
                                            Facilitated by Richard Devin
    Writers, Readers, Editors, Agents, Publishers, Marketers and Social Media Influencers are invited and encouraged to
attend... and participate in this Bright Spots Round Table - where we’ll share ideas, attempts, successes, failures and
everything in between.
     Bright Spots - is a theory where everyone contributes to the conversation and from this exchange of dialogue we glean the
“best practices” of individuals. Successes and failures are discussed in an open, non-judgmental conversation.
     In every community, organization, or social group, there are individuals whose exceptional behaviors or practices enable them to get better results than their neighbors with the exact same resources. In doing so they have discovered the path to success for the entire group.
     We’ll take the “best” from these conversations and then discuss how to put them into practice as we learn from the failures because - success only comes from what we’ve learned during failure.

    3:35 pm - 4:30 pm    Panel Three - Louisiana Idol
                                            Readers:          Lance Taubold, Rich Devin
                                           Evaluators:     Tom Colgan, Meg Ruley

Want to know if our editors and agents are interested in your story idea?  Bring two pages, typed and double-spaced.  Our
Editor and Agent will read your pages out loud and critique.  You can let people know it's yours or you can be anonymous.

  4:35 pm -   5:30 pm    Panel Four -   Parnormal and Sci-Fi Fiction
                                           Moderator:      Debbie Richardson
                                           Panelists:         Debby Grahl, Dawn Chartier, Greg LInden

Things that go bump in the night...and the science behind it.

  5:30 pm -    6:30 pm    Editor Appointments - Location: 2nd Floor

  8:00 pm -  10:00 pm    Welcome Party - Sponsored by Rebecca Barrett and Heather Graham - Queen Anne Ballroom

                                                                                       “COME TO THE CIRCUS”

Yum, Yum!! Cheesburgers, hot dogs, fries and more. Remember Candy Apples, Cotton Candy and Milk Shakes?
Tonight is your turn to slip back in time and enjoy being a kid again.  Midway games and prizes for everyone.
Costume as a clown, ring master,  trapeze artist or any circus performer  you prefer...or just come as you are. 

Saturday, August 31

8:45 am -  10:00 am    Registration - Location: Riverview Room - 16th Floor

8:45 am -  10:00 am    Breakfast Buffet Sponsored by TOR with guest Hank Phillippi Ryan - Riverview Room - 16th Floor
                                         All Saturday Panel Sessions are located in the Vieux Carre Room on the 17th Floor

10:15 am - 11:00 am  Panel One -  Innocent or Guilty - Forensics Role in Writing
                                         Moderator:  Heather Graham
                                         Panelists:  Lisa Black, Hank Phillippi Ryan
What does CSI really do?  Find out!
11:15 am - 12:00 pm  Panel Two -  Thriller, Suspense and Romance
                                        Moderator:  Debbie Richardson:

                                        Panelists:     C. F. Francis, Stacy Green, Sheila Sobel

The tingling begins...suspense ...will they or won’t they...oh they did!
12:00 pm -  2:00 pm  Lunch - On your own.  Go and look at the sites, shopping or dine in one of the hundreds
                                        of restaurants in the French Quarter.  Enjoy!!

  2:15 pm - 3:00 pm   Panel Three - Real Police Tactics for Writers with James O. Born

Former DEA Agent, undercover SWAT team member, and award winning author, James O. Born brings new info and insight in real police work to help you with your craft.

 3:15 pm - 4:00 pm   Panel Four -  A Peek Behind the Curtain - Talking with an Agent and Editor
                                      Moderator:    Lisa Black
                                      Panelists:      Meg Rouley and Tom Colgan

Ask questions and get answers from two experienced, publishing aficionados.  Gain insight into what agents and editors arelooking for when selecting a book for publishing.  
4:15 pm - 5:00 pm   Panel Five -  Journalistic Experience with Hank Phillippi Ryan

An award winning investigative reporter, with 36 emmys under her belt, Hank relates her background and knowledge intomasterful suspense novels.

8:00 pm - Midnight - Heather Graham's Slush Pile Players Dinner Theater - Queen Anne Ballroom  - Mezzanine

Saturday's dinner--Who will win the Game of Plastic Thrones?  Costume in your best medieval garb or fantasy
character. Enjoy our view of the Game of Thrones as only the The Slush Pile Players can.

Sunday, September 1

   9:00 am - 9:50 am  Panel One -  Copyright, Plagiarism, Public Domain, Right of Publicity
                                        Moderator:   Caitlin Richardson
                                        Panelist:        Pam Ebel, Meg Ruley, Tom Colgan, Lance Taubold

   Join our panelists to talk about the legalities in the publishing world.    

10:00 am - 10:50 am  Panel Two - On the Land, in the Sky and On the Water, the Military Role Then and Now
                                          Moderator: Janice Jones
                                          Panelists:    Thomas Jones, Debra Parmley

Our panelists share their expertise and knowledge of the military from the past and the present.  Glean lots of information for future reference.

11:00 am - 12:30 am  Sunday Tea - Sponsored by Harlequin - Riverview Room on the 16th Floor
One of our favorite traditions is the Monteleone Tea which will include: chocolate covered strawberries, scones, tea
cakes, bite-size chicken salad and egg salad sandwiches.  There will be a selection of premium hot tea or iced tea.

12:45 pm - 2:30 pm - Book Signing - La Nouvelle West/Bienville/Iberville Rooms on the 2nd Floor

10:10 am - 11:00 am - Panel One - Vieux Carre Room