Writers for New Orleans Workshop

December 13 - 15, 2013

This year, it's amazing to see how NOLA has come along! But, because it's tradition, and because we began Writers for people who loved the city or to come to love the city, we're back!

The late great Kate Duffy called Writers the "finest no-attitude con out there." We're small, we're intimate, and we're here because we love books, writers, and the city of New Orleans.

Get a sneak peak on RT for 2014 or Bouchercon 2016 or a half dozen other offerings of various kinds in the city.

Buy some wicked cool Christmas gifts!

And make use of us! We have tremendous offerings.

Agents Meg Ruley and Donna Bagdasarian will be there taking pitches along with Berkeley editor Tom Colgan, Mira editor Paula Eykelof, Simon and Shuster editor Adam Wilson. Hopefully Bob and Susan Gleason will be with us again--we're waiting for that confirmation. We also have Lori Perkins, editor, agent--and publisher.

We talk about all genres, mixing genres, and all forms of publishing. We also have lots of fun--and lots of opportunities where we just talk and socialize and get to know one another.

Special guests! We have Gregg Hurwitz, D.P. Lyle, Jonathan Maberry, and David Morrell. Comics, graphic novels, thrillers, romance-- you name it. We have a host of other authors to share their expertise in traditional publishing and all the new venues.

Our booksellers, Molly and Kay, of Bent Pages, are amazing.

If you're looking for reasons to come, please check out my blog site for 30 Days of Why I Love New Orleans.

There is no place that offers authors more history, mystery--and downright weirdness. A plethora of inspiration for a writer. And as we said at the beginning--it's great if you write. If you read. If you just want to tag along and attend a few good parties!

Connie and I hope to see you there. And, as usual, we hope with our whole hearts to give you an experience you won't forget!


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